iPhone Application Development Process

1. Idea: An innovative Idea is the main foundation of any successful iPhone app. The core idea that we get from client specification is most of time vague and that is why we ask some questions from the client. To develop a workable iPhone app we need to know who, what and why about the app idea. As we get the answers of these questions we can further move on to the prototyping.

2. Prototyping: iPhone app development is a complicated process and it’s very hard to visualize an iPhone app initially. We follow wireframe approach to visualize the initial iPhone app idea so that we can understand how the app will work and will look on iPhone devices. Wireframe’s storyboard can easily reflect the app functioning and flow.
Sketches, graphs, designs and links combined together to form a layout of the upcoming iPhone app. User requirements, wireframes and prototyping followed by the graphical designs leads a proper estimation of the programming steps, costing and time frame for the app. This process helps us throughout the iPhone app development process so that we can follow a guided approach to achieve the desired goals and identify the problems before they arise.

3. Graphics design: Look matters a lot! Isn’t it? For a successful iPhone app it’s very important that how it appears to the user end. By refining the storyboard’s appearance we work hard on app design until our designers and clients are happy with. Once we finalize the app design we move ahead to the development phase.

4. Development: Transparency is our USP and we know how important it is for our customers. We believe in customer involvement during the process of iPhone app development for this reason we follow iteration model of development. In this way we divide the whole project into same length of modules or iterations. Generally it takes one or two weeks to complete an iteration where we conclude the progress of the project and supply the test build. Once we complete iteration we compose a list of task and functionality for the next iteration and adjust our development pace according to the project need.

5. Release: Whole development efforts, time and cost goes waste if the Apple app store review team rejects the app. We have been developing iPhone apps since it was introduced and hence we know why most of the apps fail while submitted to the app stores. We have a vast experience of iPhone app development and that’s why our app gets approved on first attempt by Apple app store review team.

How to hire app iPhone App Development Company in India?

How do I hire the iPhone app Development Company? It is the most common and puzzling question for every small startups or business. Off course to know this answer you can find a lot of content over the internet but this one is different because it goes deeper and analyzes the real approaches that follows small business. You need to have a look on these major points while hiring iPhone app developers or app Development Company.

Experience always matters
Working with a huge experienced iPhone app Development Company means there will be minimum chances of mistakes and developers are able to clearly understand your requirements. It is necessary to check the developers experience and their previous work that you are going to hire for iPhone app. Expert app developers will always be ready to provide you apps that able to create huge revenue. The right app developers are also able to address the entire challenges which are involved into making your mobile move towards success.

Seamless communication
It is necessary for businesses to keep transparency in their mind while hiring iPhone app Development Company. Developers must be following the proper communication process because seamless communication is the key success of any project. The app builder you hire should always complete transparency with their clients and keep them updated with the progress of the project. You should be able to reach the programmers or company project manager whenever you want to communicate with them.

Client testimonials
“What client says about them” is also a key point to know something about the company’s previous history. It is an important factor that builds up the trustworthy level of the company. Checking the testimonials from wide variety of clients help you to know that how their app development solutions helping them to grow their business. So it is necessary to check the client’s testimonials before hiring iPhone app Development Company.

Working Process
It is also necessary to know the working process of your app development company. Expert developers always work with proven methodologies and process. This ensures high quality of app development solutions and project transparency to the customers who may be located many miles away on the other side of the world.

Right platform
Apart from all of these you need to choose the right platform before hiring app Development Company, you must have proper knowledge of what platform do you want to target on. Because there are lots of platform available, targeting on more than one platform increases your business potential. On the other hand especially for small startups targeting the entire platforms is lengthy and costly process. People loves to use Smartphone’s which are based on different mobile operating systems. So you need to choose app Development Company who provide app development services for all major operating system.

iPhone App Development Prices – How Much Does it Cost to Build an iPhone App?

Are you deliberating of getting a unique iphone App Developed? One of the major factors you commitment to think about when getting a brand-new App Developed is the cost of development. So how adequate does it cost to build up a latest iphone App Developed?

Well, the explanation is ' it depends'. The iphone App Development amount fluctuate on scenarios such as the complexity, design and behavior of the industry. Apparently a more complicated app with countless data source will take huge time to outline and develop any iphone app.

The design of the app is being unnoticed by countless app designers. Concentration to detail is the key in professional app design. It can take time to build up the shade of a button just right, but you'll get compensated with a beautiful it mean user friendly app.

The price of the app may vary supported the business and technical limitations. As an example, an app created for the engineering business can like lots of testing to make sure the calculations square measure error-free and those them square measure tested altogether extremes. On the opposite hand, an easy app had done only for fun might not like that a lot of testing.

How much developments prices can come back right down to however difficult an app are what percentage custom options are enclosed, what ecosystems the app can ought to run on, so forth. This text explores a number of the issues that move into deciding to develop AN app and will its best to place a tag on the choices.

The Basic App

A basic app would be one thing just like the email app enclosed on most mobile devices. it's straightforward, contains a terribly basic computer program, and does not need the software engineer to travel outside of the nicely preplaced arthropod genus (Application Programming Interfaces) that area unit normal on most in operation systems. These apps value anyplace from $2,000 to $4,000.

Content Driven Apps
A content app makes use of info or another content supply that it then parses to produce a dynamic expertise for the user. Operating with content is tough as a result of info isn't static. Programming these apps needs a way a lot of abstraction that is essentially longer intensive. Counting on the quantity of content, these apps can in all probability from $5,000 to $50,000.

Games vary wide in quality that makes it troublesome to pin down a worth. The best thanks to value the value of a game is to interrupt the genre down as follows.

2D Games
- Most mobile devices have free second game engines accessible. This takes plenty of the calculation of programming and helps to cut back prices. Value estimates for developing a game vary from $8,000 to $150,000. Total value is going to be determined by:

Complexity of game play (Think fetor versus Mario)
Complexity of levels Need for correct physics simulations (Angry Birds may be a physics game) Social Media Integration ($2,000) Multi-player practicality (Difficult to code and thus expensive) Need to connect with web info for a scoreboard ($1,000), a gift system ($5,000), downloaded content etc.

3D Games
- not like second games, there square measure only a few free 3D game engines accessible and people that do exist are not very smart. The simplest choices square measure to lease AN engine from another company or have a programmer builds one from scratch. Either way, a 3D game can in all probability value from $20,000 to $250,000. Identical factors mentioned for second games can confirm the value of a 3D game.

Firmware or Hardware Modification
This class is for apps that modify functions just like the camera, GPS, etc. AN example is an app that quickens the camera shutter or adds filters to the footage. There is not any API for developing these apps, which implies the engineer, is going to be doing plenty additional work. $10,000 is perhaps the bottom value, with the higher limit relying solely on quality.

Costs by Stage
Before wrapping up, its price viewing value supported the steps of development. Here could be a rough breakdown of prices for every stage. Design - $50 to $150 per hour Coding - $100 to $150 per hour (Note that outsourcing is cheaper, however the standard is commonly lower) Testing - $25 to $100 per hour Back End Development - $100 to $150 per hour (only necessary for a few apps) Validation - $50 - $100 per hour

The Bottom Line
The average app prices regarding $6,500 to develop, though' prices will vary from a coffee of a couple of hundred to as high as $250,000. Cryptography is maybe the foremost pricey side of development just because it takes the foremost time. Quality is usually the foremost vital think about crucial the price of an app and a computer programmer is that the most qualified person to judge quality. Quotes from many honorable style groups area unit essential for obtaining a handle on value. They must be obtained long before delving into the event of an app.

Coding Languages Are Used to Develop iPhone Apps?

While it may vibrant like a very technical experiment, anyone with a valuable knowledge of object oriented computer programming can comfortably develop iPhone apps. Though, due to the limitation placed by Apple, not all object-oriented programming languages are applicable for would be developers. Here is a comprehensive guide on what programming language is best and how best to access the task.

Apple delimits all apps meant for launching on its Apple stores to be established on objective c as a programming code. Objective C is a different form of the more universal C programming code. It is feasible to create allowable applications using other languages and then using a wrapper API to make it view like objective C but this may not always work.

In order to develop a wonderful app that will get sufficient popularity with iphone users, you need to practice on Mac computer. For the perfect results, go for one with an Intel based processor which is undoubtedly running MAC OS X. As such, you will not have to struggle yourself with attention about compatibility of the application you develop as they will previously be elevate for use on iOS devices.

The attached step is actually easy. After setting up your MAC, go and download the iphone app developer SDK (software development kit) from the Apple website and start implementing the code to rock the world. Apple cater the SDK free of charge and it consist of everything you need to begin including the background as well as the simulator that grant you to test the apps before launching them on App stores.

up on your OOP (object oriented Programming) skills remarkably as they apply to objective C. It has in countless ways similarities with Java as it reserve the complexity of the hidden hardware leaving you to focus on the technical aspects of the application itself and not the platform on which it will run. Today there are a lot of free online tutorials to teach you best iphone application development.

Start by executing simple programs. Being too energetic to begin with can cause you numerous problems in the future. It is perfect to play it safe by beginning with a set of manageable projects and gradually qualifying to more complicated and challenging tasks as your skills and confidence gain. Unlike more safe OOP languages like java, a single misplaced byte in an objective C code may facade to your program utter as a whole application development.

After experimenting your application adequately on the simulator, you need to migrate to the real ios environment. To do this, you need to register first with the official iphone developer program. You will need to pay a joined fee of $99. After you have signed the agreement to accept by apple's code of conduct, return the form to begin testing your application on an original iphone environment.

Becoming an honest Apple devices application developer is a lot of regarding having the correct skills and tools instead of being an expert technologist. Learning the correct object oriented coding can assist you to develop iPhone apps that are ready to launch on the particular devices. Once you get registered as a iphone application developer, you'll be capable to bombard application them on-line and look them to be downloaded by enthusiast’s iphone application developers.

Native Vs Web Applications in iOS App Development

Smart phones have created a part shift for mobile phones from being simply associated instrument with predefined packages of options to a tool wherever you'll run a various set of functions victimization applications. In keeping with comScore, quite eighty million Americans currently own Smartphone’s. With the rise in demand of Smartphone’s, the demand of mobile apps is increasing.

Smart phones are currently equipped with trendy browsers facultative a brand new breed of HTML5 driven internet applications. These applications are ready to run as platform freelance apps requiring way less development effort and leading to lower prices. Here are some typical points about the various ways in which Smartphone applications may be engineered.

Native applications
These apps ought to be put in on the device so as to run. They're known as native as they're designed to run on specific device OS like iOS or android. Apps are either pre-installed on the device or are often downloaded from App Stores provided by mobile equipment dealer like Apple's App Store, Google Play, the android market, etc.


  • The native application responds additional quickly
  • It's easier to stick to a device's visual style standards because the development tools target that single device
  • As a result of native apps are designed for a selected platform, they'll integrate terribly tightly with device hardware and software system options


  • Native applications need longer to develop and conjointly additional development talent.
  • For every mobile OS you'll ought to redevelop the App, employing a new development language within the case of iOS, humanoid and Windows Mobile
  • Once a brand new version of the present native app is free the users should transfer and install the update.
  • Reckoning on the appliance, it involves important quantity for distribution and promotion.

Web applications

These apps area unit developed victimization commonplace HTML5, CSS and JavaScript technology. Internet Apps are often loaded from any internet server then they are doing not have to be compelled to be put in on the device to figure. However, because of technologies like Phone Gap/Cordova internet Apps will currently be compiled and so put in and run on the device like a Native App. internet Apps don't seem to be device or platform specific and may thus be accessed by all web-capable devices as well as traditional desktop browsers. Internet apps area unit developed once, however, are often deployed on most devices and platforms.


  • You’ll be able to straightaway access the applying from your mobile device
  • They’re compatible with any HTML5 browser-enabled a device
  • Updates are often delivered handily. A user will run the app albeit he upgrades or changes his mobile.
  • Internet apps area unit developed a lot of faster than Native Apps and area unit easier to keep up
  • Pure internet Apps don't need App Store approval, which might take weeks
  • Phone gap/Cordova technology permits internet applications to be compiled and so delivered via App Stores. This additionally permits access to device hardware (camera, GPS, measuring device etc.) and alternative low-level OS options


  • Pure internet applications need continuous net property is essential for the app to run, though Phone gap compiled applications don't
  • The apps could have slower performance and should be slightly less purposeful compared with native apps.
  • The developer must bear in mind of security risks inherent in any internet application.
  • Web Apps lack the raw graphics and machine performance of native apps.

Native vs. net apps: what to settle on

As you'll be able to see that every of its own execs and cons, the selection between the 2 all depends on your usage. Native apps square measure best wherever performance and strict adherence to device specific style standards is needed. However, this comes at a price due the complexities concerned. And if you wish to run your App on over one platform, then prices increase still additional.

Web Applications square measure the overall purpose workhorse of the event world and over time, the nice majority of applications for each Desktop and Mobile can run victimization HTML5 primarily based net applications. Though developers with the requisite skills still like Native Apps, Browser technology is obtaining ever additional practicality and developer support and it'll presently be a natural destination for nearly all front-end developers.

iOS App Development With Swift

If you see developers everywhere dump objective-c and attach their nose in a new iBook, you aren't alone. At this year's WWDC developer event, Apple amazed all of the developers in the crowd with the launch of their advance programming language, Swift. What were the influences behind switching to a new programming language and how will they help IT industry to turn with new skills with Swift programming development.

First of all, Objective-C is especially difficult to use. Most beginners who have experiment to learn it and even developer’s intimate with its complication breathed a sigh of relief at the broadcast. Apple wants to make ios and mac OS X more practicable to a wider range of developers and attach with objective-C wasn't working. Though, it isn't meant to feel curious to current developers. Swift uses the ditto LLVM compiler and runtime, so the code can live side-by-side in the related application. Apple prospect this will "unify the strategy and object-oriented portions of the language."

The Swift Programming Language, Apple's free e-book, endeavor a guide that examine into the various features of the language and acts as a precise reference for any attentive developer. Because of its openness and its assurance to "adopt safe programming patterns and add latest features to make programming accessible, more adjustable and more fun", any business looking to develop for Apple will soon have a vast pool of iOS and Mac OS X developers to pull from. This will help ease the stresses of hiring qualified developers in a modest talent pool of iOS developers. The prospective increase in talent may also make developers salaries drive at a slower rate.

Additionally, Swift handle many time saving appearance like displaying outputs in real time and prompt feedback on errors. This defends developers from having to build enormous amount of code before seeing the results. Apple developers can also say goodbye to investigate through code line-by-line to find slight errors in code when an issue appear. This assistance will prove cost-effective for business organizations and may spread more of the IT industry's top creator to developing for Apple.

Although these changes won't be seen directly, the IT business is buzzing regarding Swift. The surprising introduction of a replacement artificial language makes iOS and waterproof OS X development a lot of viable choice within the forthcoming years and its accessibility will definitely work to Apple's advantage, cementing their importance within the IT business for years to come back.

iOS app development trends to watch in 2016

What are the latest trends for iOS app development market in 2016? This is probably the most trending topic among all startups as well as overall iOS (iPhone, iPad) app development market. According to statisca which is “the statistics portal” there are more than 1.5 million apps available in the app stores, so the competitions are high at all the time. On the other hand most popular apps enjoy a majority share of the market.

Apart from this our next generations are keeping their eyeballs to the latest trends especially for iOS app development market with considering the release of Apple watch in the previous year. Enterprise apps are likely to get more complex and more costly which is also one of the most popular predictions in 2016. In the following we glance over the latest trends of iOS app development in 2016.

Rapid iOS app development
Enterprises are having a difficult time fulfill all the demands of people for iPhone apps. With these growing demands business expecting to launch their product faster than ever. The main focus of developers would be reduced the total development lifecycle time. In the middle of 2016 we can expect a new iOS app development tools which helps to build in rapid iOS app development. You can also find some tools which help to build iPhone apps faster ever than before.

Wearable technologies
The overall credit goes to Apple watch- currently wearable tech is hottest trend in consumer electronic industry. This is the first product in the line of new category of products that is launched by Apple in previous year. Because of this, iOS developers needed consider creating apps that support for iPhone, iPad and Apple watch. There are lots of Apple products available in app development market so it is quite clear that Apple watch is not a standalone device. Many apps are entirely powered by iPhone. This means that developers needed to update their apps that are comfortable with Apple watch without wasting their time and effort. According to me encouragement of developing iOS apps that can be opted with iPhone or apple watch will surely opens a new door of opportunity to the developers as well as users.

iBeacon technology
iBeacon technology is already creating a buzz in advertising and retail industry and Apple is the leading company who integrate this technology into iOS. This technology extends location based services into iOS devices. When developer’s using this technology with Bluetooth low energy then developers and retailers can target their customers on a more specific level.

Apps that use iBeacon technology will be on the rise in the 2016. A number of industries including retails, airports, sports arenas and museum use this technology to share information and interact with iOS devices in an easy way…

App Security
Gartner research shows that more than 75% iOS apps don’t pass the basic security test. Security threads are one of the major factors that iOS app developers needed to resolve. The usage of iOS app can generate a number of security issues and this is the major term to take into an account as Smartphone and tablet users increasingly shifting their personal and business data into these devices.

Exchanging information over wireless network is an essential part of our daily life. The complete scenario is true especially for enterprises because they require hire level of security for protecting their business data. In previous year you have already seen major hacking threads to the corporations and they continue exploring security gaps in mobile applications. According to me to protect user’s sensitive data iOS app developers need to take some serious steps towards enhance app security.

Despite the year having just begun, one thing is becoming clear that business and iOS app developers need to focus on creating platform optimized apps. Above the overview of few trends that iOS app developers needed to see in 2016.

iOS app market share and popularity in 2016

We have been hearing before few years that Android is destroying iOS in market share. But the true is something different ironically because Apple continues to make more money than all Android Smart phones. The most recent data from various sources says that, one day ago apple announced that the 2015 holiday season was the biggest ever for the app store with the customers spending a record breaking 1.1 billion on apps and in app purchases. Christmas day and New Year both set single day records, with customers spending over $144 million on 1 January 2016. The company has now paid out nearly $40 billion dollars worldwide.

If we talk about the previous year then Google play apps was historically led iOS apps in terms of downloads, while iOS apps have consistently beat the Google play apps in terms of revenue. But according to app Annie the revenue gap between iOS and Google is still wondering- in a large part due to iOS growth in china. As of first quarter of 2015, iOS app store worldwide revenue was about more than 70 % than Google. The importance of china in app industry cannot be understated. China has far the first time since App Annie has measuring iOS app downloaded by this country.

Apart from revenue Apple is well known for its innovative products. Here we predict some products by apple which shows the popularity of Apple.

Predictions of Apple watch 2
The Apple watch already generated a lot of buzz in app development industry when it first debuted in March 2015. By early November the shipment hits 7 millions. While the Apple watch 2 may have been more successful than its competitors, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Apple unveiled its next generation watch in 2016. As with many first edition device’s, the sales and review of Apple watch left some room for improvement. With the release of iOS2 Apple upgraded its apple watch which enables apps to run independently run without iOS. It also let users scroll through their calendar appointments, turn the Watch into an alarm clock, and secure the device from thieves. However we haven’t heard about the hardware update. Could 2016 be the year?

Prediction of iOS10
Before one year we are already taking about the next update. Its likely Apple will announce iOS10 at its worldwide developer’s conference. While we don’t have any rumors about the features of iOS10 but there are few rumors we had like to see arrive on iOS10 some of them are ability to hide default apps and have the options to choose third party apps instead. According to me it would be a great if there was an option to hide apps that are never used.

Prediction of iPhone7
The major release of 2015 was iPhone6s and iPhone6s plus and iOS9 already make a buzz in mobile app development market. Apple latest Smartphone’s have some smarty features and welcome upgrades like 3d touch and 4k video capture and many more. Tech watchers are expecting more drastic changes in iPhone7 which is expected to doubt in 2016. We have also something in the design prediction of iPhone6 include thinner model made possible with headphone jack 3.5mm. The company may also delete the home button in effort to enlarge the iPhone display size.

Know all about iOS app development tools

At present considering a fast iOS app development is the key point while developing app for iPhone or iPad. As a software developer, we always looking a way which helps to maximize productivity and maintain a strict guideline. Use SDK for building iOS apps is the fastest way to automate your iOS continuous integration and deployment process. Apart from this SDK is a best way to get the better feedback from your testers. It enables you to take a snapshot of working progress in an easy way; testers can send graphically annotated screenshot, feedback notes and device meta data. Many SDK’s helps to trace back and highlight the exact line of source code that caused the crash and informs you which users were affected and how many times the crash has occurred.

Here in this article we are going to discuss about key features of some tools…

Vwinstant run

It is an Xcode plug-in which enables you to build and run the selected lines of code in Xcode without running the whole project. With the help of this plug-in you are able to quick test a tiny piece of objective c or swift language without test the complete project. You just need to select your code in Xcode then either select the instant run option from the product menu to build and run the selected line then you will have to find the output instantly in your Xcode console.

Awesome swift edition
In swift edition you are able to find massive list of resources for learning swift language. This tool includes everything which you need to become a master in swift language including video, books, blogs and many more. Every resource included in the list tagged with handy emoji to signify the type or resource, whether it’s a blog post, news letter or something else. This list is crated in git hub so you can submit a pull request if you thing something is missing.

A localization code generator uses swift language; it is a swift script that scans your localization file and creates actual standard code which is written in objective c or swift, making the usage of localization strings easier. It enables you to remove magical strings so that compiler can actually tell you when you forget to make changes if localization files changes. It also introduces type checking for strings that contain run time format specifies. The generated structures can also be nested so your localization can be more descriptive and easy to traverse.

TLDR Pages
It is a collection of pages for various terminal commands. The main aim of these pages is to be an ever growing collection of simplified “show me the command usage” man pages for most common commands. There are currently vast range of pages and each focusing on the most common usages, aimed to new rusty command line users.

It provides a large collection of library of videos about Mac, iOS development and swift. The main aim of pomo .tv is that to be the Apple development version of its an indexed collection of development videos from all over the internet. The collection currently contains over many video from nearly different event and conferences and fully indexed by speaker, event and tag so you can easily find the video whenever you need it.

iPhone app marketing and monetizing

Successful business totally depends on customer engagement so that many companies are tried to make their customers happier. Happy customers should be more than anything for your business so that you need to always care about your customers. There are many processes that help to increase your business sales, providing mobile experience to your customers is one of them.

Today all small and large business having own website but this is not sufficient for your business. If we talk about iPhone device then it is quite popular device and in this tech world people loves to surf the internet through their iPhone devices.

ow you can understand the importance of iPhone apps in business but only building app is not a way to make your business success. After building iPhone app the next step is to think about the app promotion and make the maximum profit through the app. According to me market your iPhone app is such a way to stay stand out among them all.

Here are some ideas which help to market your app in Apple app store.

Try to focus on app visibility in iTune stores
Since the iTune app store is one of the best resources for generating a huge amount of revenue with your iPhone apps, you should try to focus on visibility of your app in iTune stores. For this, the overall appearance of the app must be more effective to generate more conversion rate among the visitors. You need to follow these processes to enhance app visibility among visitors.

  • Follow ASO
  • Your app name must be effective
  • App description should be clearer/li>
  • Should have number of customer review

iPhone app promotion
Promotion in iTune stores is also one of the most effective ways that help to make your marketing strategies more effective. In fact mostly users are seeking new apps in iTune stores which help to make them more productive. These users would probably visit the iTunes stores to get the useful information on the latest apps. This is the reason why focusing on app stores is necessary to you.

App review submission
App review submission in app review sites is also one of the most effective techniques to market your app. According to me app review sites are nice locations to feature your app free, as also get your much-needed user reviews for your app. Though this technique does not guarantee that instant app popularity, it does gives you one more way to get little attention to your app from visitors to such sites. This main advantage of this place is that you have an opportunity of link building.

Social networking submission and banner adds
Many app developers focus on marketing apps through social networking submission. While this may be able to bring few users for your app but it cannot be a primary vehicle for your app promotion. For instance adds on social networking websites is such an expensive option for you. On the other hand banner ads are also more effective to generate a certain amount of sales.

Here are the few tips that help to monetize your app in an easy way…

Your app should be add supported
Free apps give excellent support to the ads that is they don’t cost the user for install app but users periodically shown the ads that developers paid for. Of course an ads supported paid version of app can serve to promote a paid version.

This idea is very similar to add supported, but instead of going with an add network, you need to sell your own sponsorship and have more control over add. For example, one developer build travel apps and get sponsors for many travelling companies.

IAP consumables
IAP can also provide in app consumable goods such as fertilizers for your farms, bullets, special powers, additional costumes and customizations for your characters. Examples of games are the real examples for this such as candy crush saga and many more.

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